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Who we are
We are one of the first advertising network
that has merged the two advertising
mediums Mobiles and desktops
2013 is the year mobile browsing  has
overtaken the deskop in terms of content deliveryCan you afford to lose advertising to
over 50% of potential clients? that too low competition?
Over 50% of your users are surfing your website
on mobiles, they are taking your content without giving you revenue.
Can you afford to lose 50% of revenue in todays cutthroat enviorment?
We make your website an earning machine

With our autopilot system, you no longer have to worry about optimizing the ads as our properitery technology takes care of that for you.  you dont' have to spend time on " testing" the ads ,as it will automatically show you the highest payings ads to your visitor. Our technology ensures that we match traffic to the right advertiser at the right time, so that advertisers make more money, when advertisers will make more money, bids will go higher as well. our autopilot system also balances the budget when bidding for the ads gets too high, you also give any instruction to the system, and it will follow those instructions. You wil be able to keep a check on everything on daily basis in order to ensure the success of your ad combination, Relax and watch the money roll, whether you are a publisher or an advertiser.